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How I went to Germany totally free

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I think is much better ¿How I got some experience through a volunteering service in Germany?


While I was flying above the Atlantic back to home, after five weeks of stay in Europe, I just decided to listen an audiobook in the plane, and in this way, I just decided to write this new post, this is a brief one, and I have to say that this is my first one in English language,  I hope it can be useful for you.


The people how know me, know that one year ago I did a social service in Germany for a complete year. The main reason to do this travel was because I wanted to get some experience abroad, and a couple of Friends from Germany motived me to apply in convocation and that is how that adventure began


Now after a whole year to have been there I want to share with you some things that I’ve learned there.


Some friends and acquaintances ask me, how did I travel across Europe for a year? In fact that I did was not traveling but working and of course, I used my free time to visit some neighbor countries.


This post is for those friends who for reasons of time I haven’t been able to tell them with details about this issue because I’m always running here and there. It definitely is NOT for you if you’re looking for a travel sponsor, because this program is not, instead it is hard work, and to tell you the truth sometimes it is not nice for everybody.


This is for those who love volunteering time, and social causes, those active people how are doing and have done volunteer years in their own countries.



What I did during my stay in Germany was participated into a little house managed by the German social service of a little town in the Southside of this country, this little house is dedicated to offering some activities to old and retired people, they go there every day to spend time with other people and carry out different activities and workshops.



What do you need:


First of all and the most important, you must have an absolute and big passion for service to others.


Proven volunteer experience.


To be between 18 and 28 years old.


You need to have a great tolerance for frustration. (this is serious)


Excellent phycology and emotional condition


You definitely need to have previous knowledge, very good ability and a passion for languages.


Enjoys social work with children or the elderly.


To be an openminded and adaptable person.


What you’re going to get


A year of experience in that country which will open the doors for you to be able to carry out later some other work or studies if it is that you wish.


One year of intensive German, this is definitely an advantage to be able to integrate to the German community. When you work in a German institution what you learn are the rules of coexistence, of work and the day-to-day life of the same society. (Which for me was a quite interesting and, to tell the truth, very intense challenge) get ready to familiarize yourself with the term “cultural shock”.


The program in which I participated is called “South-North” Weltwärts.


Is a program sponsored by the German government and there are a large number of institutions that host this program. In the case of Mexico is the red cross. However in countries like Chile, Mozambique and India there are other institutions that host it, your task is to investigate which is the association in your country. Unfortunately, this program is not found in all countries.


I invite you to explore more in detail about programs like these not only in Germany but around the world, it is very easy to find the possibility of mobility abroad if you have the necessary motivation and knowledge.


I’d love to help you with the process, so I’ll leave you some links that can help you.


I will solve some doubts, just make public your question I will not answer any questions privately, if you have already participated in a similar program we will all be very pleased to hear your experience, all comments are helpful to contribute to this community.


See you soon!


If you want to read this post in a Spanish version, click here


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